Heart Church —Brand development

Heart Church, Nottingham, transitioned leadership in 2014 and with that came the requirement for an identity that better represented the organisation they wanted to become — a creative, dynamic and culturally relevant church.

Brand guidelines

Following the brand development, a simple brand guidelines was created to serve the team of creative volunteers who produce content week in, week out. The heart logo mark was adapted for use against the many different departments and ministries of the church.

Sample artwork

Example content was created to show how the brand could flex across the wide variety of communications that went out to a diverse audience.

From youth events to more corporate gatherings, the brand had a broad range of elements to help achieve a varied tone.

Screen content

Simple slides were created for the 10 metre LED screen – ensuring legibility across the 600+ congregation.


Lanyard designs served to help identify the many teams of volunteers that helped Heart Church run efficient services each Sunday. From welcoming people at the door, to dealing with safeguarding issues.

Campaign creative direction

Art direction was provided across numerous campaigns, creating toolkits for the wider creative team to use in order to create a wealth of campaign assets. Here are some initial visuals for Vision Sunday 2018 – "Spread Out! Think Big!".

Web design

Following the development of the brand, I worked on designing the organisations corporate website, from concept through to development.

The website needed to clearly communicate the various events that Heart Church run week-to-week whilst capturing the culture of the church. A simple content management system was provided using Perch allowing the Comms Team to keep everything up-to-date.