Rewilding Britain —Website re-design

Rewilding Britain came to Kind to re-design their website in order to position themselves as a leading advocate and resource for rewilding. They required a platform that clearly communicated the tools and resources available to those interested in rewilding, and ultimately ready to take action in light of the climate emergency.

Rewilding Britain : : Website home page design

Website design

Following a re-brand carried out by Owen Hughes, Kind applied their user-centred approach to establish the structure of the website and developed a content model that would provide the building blocks for the site.

With a strong brand toolkit to work with, much of the website design focused around layout and re-usable components. Given that Rewilding Britain had a lot of written content to carry over to the new website, a twelve-column grid was utilised to bring contrast to the layout and provide optimal line-length for readability.

Rewilding Britain : : Website grid layout
Rewilding Britain : : Project overview component
Rewilding Britain : : Species overview component

Grounded in the grid

The grid was given 32px gutters in order to provide a relatively compact style. Components were then developed using 32px as a base, moving up to 64px and 96px to provide meaningful margins and padding. This provided a level of consistency across layouts and components.

Rewilding Britain : : Species overview component
Rewilding Britain : : Species overview component